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Devin Townsend's TeamRock Radio show is part of Z2 project


Devin Townsend has revealed his TeamRock Radio show is a part of his highly-anticipated Z2 project.

The Canadian launched his series with an hour-long broadcast on Saturday, delivered in his alter-ego of Ziltoid The Omniscient – hear the full show below.

He explains: "The Z2 Project has now officially started and Z Radio is just one little element of it all. We've teamed up with TeamRock Radio to run the first couple of episodes and hopefully you'll like them enough for Ziltoid to make some more."

Townsend is poised to release his live Retinal Circus DVD, filmed during his extravaganza performance in London last year. He tells Metal Assault: "It was basically every emotion sort of wrapped up into one.

"Being perfectly honest, overall it was a really good experience – but it was fraught with technical hurdles. I didn’t actually recognise what we'd done until I started editing it. In hindsight, it’s great, but at that time it was just a lot of stress."

The Retinal Circus is due out on September 30.

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