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Dave Grohl has been a Ghost Ghoul


One of Ghost's Nameless Ghouls has revealed that Foo Fighters mainman Dave Grohl has performed with the band, dressed in their regulation cloak-and-mask outfits.

Another member of the Swedish outfit recently admitted it was probably just a matter of time before their identities were uncovered – but until then, at least one big-name musician has gone the other way by hiding behind their stage costumes.

Asked by Jack Osbourne of Fuse whether previous collaborator Grohl has ever done just that, the latest Ghoul to speak says: "As a matter of fact he has. I can't really… but underneath that cloak it was Dave Grohl."

They're currently touring the US, but they haven't encountered as much animosity from religious groups as some might have expected.

"On a few occasions there have been very minor displays of resistance," says the Ghoul. "But I think a lot of Christian societies nowadays know better than to shout: 'This band is dangerous,' because they know that will gather more people to be interested."

He flatly denies they're truly Satanists and insists their fans aren't either, saying: "I think they're very willing to pretend they are for an hour and a half, and that's the point.

"We're an entertainment group and people are welcome to like us or dislike us. Show-wise we're doing something that's supposed to feel like a solid religious mass."

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