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Alice past it? Think again, he says


Alice Cooper says anyone who thinks he's past it should catch one of his shows – because they won't see a higher-energy performance all year.

The veteran shock-rocker may be 65, but he insists his onstage character is more evil than ever, and fans of all ages will get what they want.

Cooper says: "I think people come in with the pre-thinking of, 'He must be 65, so this must be Alice walking through this and kinda doing his hits and talking to us.' They get just the opposite.

"It's the highest-energy show they're gonna see all year. Alice is more of a villain now than he's ever been. He's more pronounced than he's ever been.

"Then they're wondering, 'How did I get confetti in my hair? Why do I have stage blood on me? Look – I caught a necklace, a cane, a riding crop.' Everyone goes home with souvenirs that get thrown from the stage to the audience.

"When they walk away, they go, 'That was the most fun show I've seen all year.'"

Part of the reason it's so good, he says, is the quality of his current band. "The reviews every time are 'this band is unbelievable,'" he reports.

"Orianthi on guitar, Ryan Roxie on guitar, Tommy Henriksen on guitar, Glen Sobel on drums, Chuck Garric on bass, and me. And then, of course, extras.

"It's easy for me when I get a band that just takes my songs and really rips them."

Source: Highway 81 Revisited

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